Children of the State

077: Children of the State (Part 3) – Trapped

Why do most people turn a blind eye to the violence of the state? (Part 3) Discussed Today: -The Supplemental Security Income program -How the poor are victimized in the name of helping the poor -Medicaid -Other dependency traps Bumper Music: "I Who Have Nothing" Ben E. King "The Way I Are" Timbaland Look Closer: Psychotropic Medication Use Among Medicaid-Enrolled Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders Massive Medicaid Fraud Exposed in Psychiatric Drugging of Kids in US THE OTHER WELFARE: A legacy of unintended side effects (The Boston Globe) The Road to Serfdom, by Friedrich A. Hayek/a>

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072: Children of the State (Part 2) – The Treatment Trough

A look at my own professional past, and at what happens on the other side of the gun.(Part 2) Discussed Today: -I gave kids drugs -I was a 'good' employee -I worked at a 'good' residential treatment center -Medicaid -The lure of bad money -Good Intentions, in service of evil -The Milgrim Experiment -Voices of the institutionalized children Bumper Music: "Disappear" INXS Look Closer: GAO report: Millions in fraud, drug abuse clogs Medicaid Massive Medicaid Fraud Exposed in Psychiatric Drugging of Kids in US The Milgram Experiment, by Jeff Riggenbach Psychiatry Drugs Foster Care Children - Montage Daniel Lakemacher's site:

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062: Children of the State (Part 1) – Incentives

No one could answer all of the questions about how child protection would work in a voluntary society. However, due to my past professional experience, I can answer a lot of questions about how it works today. Topic: A recent CPS story in Concord, NH got me thinking about my own professional history, on the "other side of the gun." I spent four years of my career working with kids who were in state custody. (Part 1) Discussed Today: -The John Irish/Oathkeepers Story -Child Protection In A Voluntary Society Questions -My Path to Working With Young People -Residential Treatment -Welfare Incentives -The Horrors of CPS Politics -Foster Care Bumper Music: "Thru and Thru" The Rolling Stones Look Closer: For A ...

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