[CHRISTMAS BONUS] #397: Bulletproof?


(Pre-Show 1-3-14) Osborne and Brett discuss...
30-minute orgasms? - Is Dave Asprey an internet troll? - dental care tips - Average Richard calls to discuss chastity - Brett will host Free Talk Live

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  1. Hey Brett,

    I just want to respond to the discussion. I, like Osborne apparently, drink the bulletproof coffee. I do this because I like coffee and I understand the benefits of butter (http://www.westonaprice.org/food-features/why-butter-is-better) heated and consumed without damaging the cholesterol. So, yes Dave is a unusual (and a raging liberal) but he has some good ideas and that is all I ever look for. good ideas that I can evaluate and judge for myself? Also, Joe Rogan does the same but promotes one called Caveman Coffee.

    Not to do a pitch but the bulletproof coffee really is good. From my experience I get a really good energy but I do not get the jitters or headache or anything that I used to get from regular coffee. In fact, I find that I get more energy two to three hours after drinking the coffee with the butter and MCT oil.

  2. Brett,

    It is nice to hear that the bulletproof coffee is legit as per you, Martin and Rogan…I like it a lot and it would have sucked to find out it was nothing but a bad joke.

    As far as the “once a month” topic is concerned, there are only 2 possibilities that make sense to me.

    #1. He is referring to a technique called “injaculation”.


    #2. He is insane.

    Anyway, I liked the show.

  3. Hi guys!
    So much to say about this episode. First, I’m a dentist, so I have a lot to contribute about the dental stuff if you are interested. Getting bitched out at the dentist for not flossing is such clone behavior it makes me cringe. Shameful, really. There are basic principles to consider about the care and maintenance of the structures in your mouth, and my profession unfortunately has gone to great lengths over the decades to occult information and create themselves a bizarre little priest-class, but that is a “whole ‘nother story.” Rotadent, by the way, is the best electric toothbrush. This is my opinion, of course, but it is a very educated one.
    Second, the bulletproof sex idea comes from, as far as I can see, the teachings of the White Tigris. The 30-minute orgasm is not a goal to strive for, and Dave Asprey seems to recognize that this is an extreme extension of the principle, which is to limit orgasms for men, with the idea that there is energy that builds up within the system whcih can be beneficial in business because of the nature of the male principle. See the Kybalion for a good definition of the male gender principle. This is also spoken of in the book “Think and Grow Rich.” This idea has been around a long time. It’s not about somebody telling you how to do something, or becoming a disciple, which is ALWAYS a bad idea. Rather, it’s about the principle of self-regulation, and of postponement of gratification, which is usually a very beneficial tool, especially today.
    As far as the above comment about “injaculation,” although I am not familiar with that particular term, there is a phenomenon called retrograde ejaculation, in which the semem is prevented from exiting the body, and essentially re-routed into the bladder. From a medical perspective (and take that with a grain of salt, after all I am “only a dentist”) this is probably not the best idea for the body.
    I have tried the limitation of ejaculation many times, and it is tough to pull off (excuse the pun) for a week, let alone a month. I’ve been married for almost 16 years, and I think my wife is more beautiful now than ever, so I’m not really interested in making both of us very frustrated on purpose. It is true that with the control technique that Dave Asprey is talking about, you can have sex, and the woman is permitted to have fun, but the man is not as often. There is some scientific evidence, by the way, that suggests that beneficial physiological changes that are measurable do occur when a person attempts this practice, but it does seem that someone like Dave Asprey, who I appreciate very much, might be talking more about the extremes of this practice, perhaps because the shock value attracts more attention, and subsequently more revenue.
    I drink Bulletproof Coffee with Kerrygold butter and Bulletproof MCT oil, by the way, and I really do enjoy it very much. It could be that I have been manipulated and am a sucker, and I’m open to that possibility, but I’m a pretty conscious and rational guy, so it is unlikely. 🙂
    Have a great day, and keep up the great work!!

  4. Great show idea!! How the dental profession unfortunately has gone to great lengths over the decades to occult information and create themselves a bizarre little priest-class.

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