[VIDEO] Brett Veinotte and Ali Havens On The Rebel Love Show

Its a Festivus miracle! We have finally released our episode with Brett Veinotte and Ali Havens.

Long story short, slactivism and audio issues came into play with the recording of this episode. The episode was originally recorded on November 19th, 2014.

Topics discussed on the show include Rob, Shire Dudes, and Ali's appearances in 101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire, why both Rob and Shire Dude moved to Manchester, dating with in the community, Ali shares her first instance of meeting a "celebratarian", can you live off donations? Brett plans to create an imitation ice cream called Primalscream and Nutscream, Bret's new show is a health show?

You will stop consuming liberty media once you move to the Shire, the pros and cons of Stefan Molyneux, we all share drunk stories, and the Satoshi Saloon needs to return to Porcfest.
Find Ali at http://alihavens.com
Rebel Love: http://rebelloveshow.com/

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