Brett On Puke and the Gang (Audio and Video)


Recording Date - 17 / Feb / 2012
Music picked by - [Andrew] The Gang: Puke, Andrew, Nick, Julia

Intro Song -
[artist] The Falcon
[song] Building the Even More Perfect Asshole Parade
Guest -
[Name] Brett Veinotte
[About] Creator of the School Sucks Project, former educator.
Host intros -
Why our Facebook likes half dropped by nearly half.
Mike in Tacoma is trying to give us all heart disease.
Shove it in your pie-hole -
[drink] Beers from Mike in Tacoma
Puke - Elysian Brewing Co.:The Mens Room (red ale)
Andrew - Stone Brewing Co.: Arrogant Bastard Ale
Julia - Iron Horse Brewery: Double Rainbow (red ale) & Red Bull
Nick - Diamond Knot Brewing Co.:India Pale Ale
[food] A ton of junk food from Mike in Tacoma

[artist] The Falcon
[song] The Lazyboy 500
Pooping -
Women should fart.
News -
[puke] Roommates are now illegal in Watertown, NY.
[puke] Two gallons of Coke a day? That sounds smart. Oh, you’ve died.
New & Cool -
[andrew] The Racial Slur Database
[puke] Maker’s Mark whiskey is now crap.

Outro Plugs -
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Outro Song -
[artist] The Falcon
[song] R. L. Burnouts Inc.

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