Brett On Free Talk Live 2-12-14

Blue Ridge Liberty Project vs Free State Project? :: Shutting Out Libertarians :: Free State Project Welcomes Libertarians, Voluntarists, Minarchists :: Liberty Activists in NH Defeat Gun Control Bill in NH :: Athiests and Faith :: Negativity vs Positivity :: Skeptics :: The Big Bang and God :: Trooper Arrests Cop, Is Targeted by Cops :: Sending Pizzas to People Who Didn't Order Them :: Bitcoin Paychecks? :: Satellite TV Wild Feeds :: Free Will

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  1. I have only listened to FTL when you post them here. While I enjoy listening to them sometimes Mark gets a bit confrontational. Maybe that’s his schtick, I am not sure. However, his indignation over the Blue Ridge Liberty Project possibly taking away from The Free State Project’s new recruit list puzzled me. With over 300 million people living in this country and the FSP nearing it’s goal of 20,000 signees, why does he see another liberty movement as competition? His demeanor seemed like disdain to me and I found it a bit “Statist” as though only the FSP was a qualified liberty movement. I know personally I would be quite content with a liberty movement being activated in every single community across the planet.
    Also, his assessment of agnostics and atheists was wrong. Agnostics don’t believe or disbelieve, they have better things to think about. Atheists don’t say, “There IS NO God.” Instead, atheists simply state that they do not believe in a god because thus far in their lives they have seen absolutely no evidence pointing to a divine entity existing. Since Mark also stated in this show that he used to be an atheist I really think he should have a better handle on these differences. I was sensing some cognitive dissonance and found it a bit absurd.
    I don’t know if you have heard of the ACA (Atheist Community of Austin) but I stumbled upon them on youtube and they have a series called The Atheist Experience and many videos. Maybe Mark could benefit from watching some of them. Below is a link to a shorter one.

    • I think it’s hard to get a handle on “someone’s schtick”, let alone a thorough understanding of their point-of-view from, at most, one handful of listening experiences. Not that Mark needs back-up from me but I appreciate his point–of-view, even though I don’t always agree with it.

      In my opinion, the nature of being a radio host for 2hrs/day, 6 days/week for ten years will lead to the necessity of “over extending” one’s self on more than a few issues. Perhaps that isn’t acceptable, for me, at least, it is.

      Just offering another perspective.

  2. Another thought. The few times I’ve heard people call in to FTL about the Blue Ridge Project (I only know of them from this context), the BRP seem to have a problem with people who have, let me say, “faith-based” belief systems. If that is true, that would seem contradictory to a movement espousing the ideas of liberty. If that is the case, there are clear parallels to “Statist” structures there.

    Perhaps I have the wrong understanding of that?

    • I can not claim to know the ideals of the Blue Ridge Liberty Movement. I am neither a member or necessarily an advocate for them. I was merely relaying my perception of Mark’s behavior. Could my perception be wrong? Of course it could. While I appreciate you sharing your perspective with me it has not changed my perception of Mark in this podcast.

      • I do not know the ideals of the Blue Ridge Project either. Projects generally don’t tend to have ideals anyway, people do. I should’ve made it clearer that it is the few people, whom I’ve heard speak that are involved in that Project who have put on an air of intolerance with regard to faith-based belief systems, not necessarily the Project itself.

        It wasn’t my intention of changing your perception of Mark with regards to, well, anything, frankly. As I said, “just offering another perspective”.

  3. So what you are saying is that you have no real reason to argue with me and no goal to reach when you do argue with me but you are going to go ahead and do it anyways simply to offer me a perspective which you somehow think I need in order to clarify my personal experience? How altruistic of you.

    • Perhaps Mark’s “schtick” of “confrontation, indignation and disdain” (all diagnosis I find ironic based on your most recent post in this thread) comes from handling phone calls from people who are apart of a “liberty” group, who express their intolerance for other, apparently non-violent points-of-view. Apparently that was a little too nuanced in my first response.

      • Wow. Okay. You like to keep bringing this debate back around to what you like to call an intolerant liberty group. As I have already stated, I am neither a member of this group nor advocating them. I was simply sharing my opinion of Mark’s behavior in this podcast. The tolerance or intolerance of the Blue Ridge Liberty Movement are not my concern. If you would like to be a passionate anti Blue Ridge Liberty Movement-er by all means, feel free. This will be my last post in this thread. And no, the FTL sycophancy you display is not too nuanced for me to understand.

        • “I was simply sharing my opinion of Mark’s behavior in this podcast. ”

          Sorry about that. I missed where this was a thread where you share your opinion then proceed to be obnoxious to anyone else who replies with their own. Next time I’ll be sure to avoid such a constructive interaction with you.

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