[BONUS] The Discomfort Zone (s03e02) – The Wisest Path To Professional Freedom

Alternate Title: Shit Just Got Real (Estate)

Richard Grove joins TDZ for an urgent and important strategy session.

Andrew has been on an exciting and promising path to more professional freedom and satisfaction in his work. He has talked in previous episodes about how his real estate ventures will eventually allow him the financial freedom he needs to leave his day job.

This week, Andrew was presented with a job offer. While it promises a lot more money, what are the costs in time and flexibility?

Andrew asks Brett for advice, even though they both know Brett's advice will not be taken.

Brett also realizes he might not be the best person to give advice in this situation. And he immediately thinks of his friend Richard Grove, who has built a course and community around the the achievement of more freedom in both work and in life. Rich also fled the corporate world himself, in pursuit of more fulfilling work (now found).

This conversation was recorded live for about a dozen participants in Rich's Autonomy course. They are invited to share their thoughts at the end.
Learn more about AUTONOMY here.

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