[BLOG – HOME EDUCATION] Professionals, Teach Thyselves

Written by PapaLibertarian
Some unfortunate homeschooled kids are upset about having to take remedial math when starting college. I get this – but why do such students not realize that this is also true for about half of those who attended government-provided and -managed and -regulated schools? This is not a reason for micromanagement of home education; it’s a reason for parents and students to take more responsibility.

Yes, students. If you are about to enter college, why haven’t you already taken more responsibility for your own education? Why are you asking the government to manage your life? The Internet has been available since about 1992. Kahn Academy has been on Youtube for many years. Libraries have existed for much longer. You’re clever enough to bootleg porn, you can find math videos, science videos, science books, all sorts of ways to improve your own education.

There is no evidence that government regulation improves home education, and many reasons to believe it gets in the way. Professional educators should be in awe of home-schooled students who start college at age 12 or 14. They should be asking how home education works so well, with so many un-trained and un-credentialed parents. They should ask how children are learning so much in an hour or so per day, instead of six hours or more.

My grandson was reading soup can labels in a grocery store. A woman came by, asked his age, learned that he was only 5 years old. “I teach 2nd grade,” she said. “None of my end-of-year students read as well as he.”


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