[BLOG] Freedom in an Unreal World

First, a bit of explanation for the sparsity of my blogging. I’m currently working on a my final project, something they call a “capstone” (because it’s all about the branding). It’s kind of like doing a research project, but perhaps a bit more practical. My topic, in case I didn’t state it in an earlier post, is a guide for home educators (i.e. parents) in hiring a “professional teacher” (and what that term even means). You can be sure I’ll share it here when I’m done.

Now to the subject of my post, which is an obvious reference to Harry Brown’s “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World”. In this case, though, I’m referring to a completely fictitious world of my own creation through the tools of the game Dungeons & Dragons.


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  1. Please do let us know when you’re finished with your capstone. I just began independent home learning for our 10-yr old, and I’m also looking at options for by 14-yr old. The school district calls us home-schoolers–a term I don’t like, but an umbrella for many options. We learn wherever we go, and I’m searching for ways to learn in groups without calling it a school. One of the models I like best is when companies form teams of people who are interested in solving a specific problem for a limited time, work for a solution, then disband the team. Subject matter experts (professional teachers?), facilitators, and coaches help, but the students form the team and are responsible for the outcome.

    I’m very interested in what you’ve come up with.

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