[BLOG – HOME EDUCATION] Teaching Writing

Every child is different and you need to find your groove with each one, but I thought I would share with you how I have been teaching encouraging writing with my kids. My oldest was, of course, the first to learn to write. We started when she was around four and a half years old, mostly just teaching the alphabet, naming and showing her the letters. When she would draw she would add little letters here and there, or just scribble lines that were supposed to be words. At that time, we were doing a distance-education program so I felt pressure to “get” my daughter to learn and do things. I spent a lot of time convincing and coercing her ...

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[BLOG – HOME EDUCATION ] Teaching Children to Read

How do we teach our kids to read? I am sure this is a common question among parents, and especially among homeschooling parents. I find this question a little redundant. We could just as easily ask, “how am I going to teach my baby to walk?” or, “how am I going to teach my child to talk?” We could stress about these questions and yet we don’t, so why do we let ourselves stress about teaching our children to read? I would say that the best way to teach reading to our children is to provide a rich learning environment, to model reading by reading yourself, and to read to your kids on a regular basis. Make reading a part ...

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