An Important and Urgent Message From Brett


This transmission will disappear on January 1st, 2014.

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  1. The trivium series and voluntary communication series are some of the best content thus far.

  2. Hi, Brett, I just donated the last $3.00 on my card into your bank account.
    It was worth it.

    To be honest, though, please stop using Paypal to accept payments on the Internet. Paypal is the eqiuvalent to democracy when it comes to online economic freedom. Donating through Paypal felt like a chore.

    But other than that, I felt extremely glad for donating to your show.

  3. Dear Brett,

    I am a monthly A/V donor, but am glad to do more promotion of your site. This website cannot disappear. It is extremely valuable to me (especially as a teacher), and I am looking for ideas. I also listen to your original episodes on the CD that I picked it up at Liberty Forum 2013.
    Thank you for your efforts!

  4. Maybe if you added a 1 dollar or 3 dollar monthly subscribe (like James) you could pull in those who dont think they can maintain a 10 dollar a month… rediculest.. though if everyone who was an avid listener subscribed for 1 dollar or more it might tip the scales for you and get those poeple who are flaky on a subscription payment…. just an idea not to lower the bar of your value… I know after i heard a few of the Corbett report and heard him say all he was asking was 1 dollar a month i Sighned up shortly after and have increased my subscription sence

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