[PODCAST] #379a: A Conversation With A Public School Teacher and The High School Drop-Out Who Loves Her (LibertyFest NYC)


Within my first hour at LibertyFest, I encountered arguably the most interesting couple at the event. Jessica is a middle-school Spanish teacher in the New Jersey public school system. Dave, her fiancee, is a high school drop-out and the WeAreChange.org webmaster. I told Jessica that I believed middle school is the darkest time in child's life. She adamantly disagreed.

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  1. Oh boy, John Bush… I go out of my way to skip his Sovereign BTC episodes when they show up in the LTB feed. He’s kind of gone off the deep end. After he tried to call the BTC stress Test an attack by hackers, and complained about the problems the test caused, then turned around and said something along the lines of “Bitcoin is ready for the main stream, Everyone should adopt bitcoin.” yeah, that kind of obvious contradiction kind of set off my red flags… I usually tolerate a decent level of what I would consider bullshit… but I will definitely be skipping that episode when it comes up in your feed Brett.

    At least it is still not as bad as that one time you endorsed Mark Passio (or however it is spelled) from “What on Earth is Happening”. That one made me seriously question the amount of time I devote to listening to your podcast.

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