Podcast #247: The Trivium Method Applied – Voluntary Communication (Part 1 of 4, Purpose and Definitions)


Part One: Purposes and Definitions
What are the results of knowing and using the skills of the Trivium Method of critical thinking in conjunction with the skills of using Voluntary Communication, also known as Non-Violent Communication (or NVC)?

This show begins a series about Merging the Trivium Method with Voluntary Communication, and developing strategies for better interpersonal connections. Darrell Becker will be co-hosting all episodes in this series.

Darrell's Purposes For This Pursuit
1. The first purpose was so that an individual may possess an explicit (meaning explainable to one's self and others in a simple and straightforward way) method to find and gently remove one's own sources of “cognitive dissonance”, which were labeled with the metaphor of “splinters in the mind”.

2. The second purpose was to be able to know and understand other people's “splinters”, and to be able to avoid putting undue pressure upon such obstacles to other people's method of critical thinking, but rather, to offer opportunities of connection by virtue of building “bridges of empathy”, metaphorically and subjectively understood signs of understanding and respect which seem to “coincidentally” correspond to enhanced communication capabilities.

3. The third purpose was to produce enhanced empathetic connections and communications, which seems to correspond to more frequent collaboration, which in turn seems to correlate with increased creativity and innovation.

4. The fourth purpose is to help to generate circumstances (filled with connection and creativity) which are likely to lead to increased innovation, wherein obstacles and “problems” are seen by more and more people as being opportunities to provide goods or services which help to
solve those problems. These obstacles are apparently caused by the impediments individuals are able to identify as preventing someone from gaining whatever is needed or desired. These obstacles are very often caused by any “barrier” that is perceived by any particular individual as obstructing something that is needed, desired and/or valued. With creativity, obstacles are turned into opportunities to make businesses, to make artistic expressions, to create a functional gathering or an event, or a product or service, something that has potential to thrive and survive
due to the perceived need and desire for what is created. This can be something which, in the long run, helps to render the problems (problems that are often seemingly caused by “obligatory monopolies” which are wielding threats and backed up by extensive tradition and supporting individuals) caused by apparent situations of coercion obsolete, due to a plethora of solutions being innovated, reproduced, improved and distributed to all who need and desire them.

The rest of today's show covers the Grammar of this Pursuit.

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Look Closer:
Darrell's Communication Glossary - https://schoolsucksproject.com/practical-definitions-voluntary-communication-by-darrell-becker/

Center for Nonviolent Communication - https://www.cnvc.org/

Jan Irvin's Site, Trivium Education - http://www.triviumeducation.com/

T&H Trivium Resources - https://www.tragedyandhope.com/trivium/

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  2. This was some good stuff. I’m going to listen to this again. The glossary was a great idea. I’m going to have my 9 year old son copy the definitions by hand 🙂

    • Glad you appreciated the glossary, Aris. I’m sure many things happen when one takes the time to write and re-write study guides down (for purposes of rote memorization), putting the concepts into live action is what I find gets even better results.
      I’d also suggest other alternatives to writing out the glossary:
      Narrating the glossary and recording it, especially using different accents and voices, which leads one to researching how to be successful in the imitation of various accents and patterns of speech.
      Acting out the glossary and recording it via video.
      Crafting decorative or useful tags to place on common items, tags which denote each component of the glossary.
      Making a Communication Glossary deck of playing cards.
      I’m sure with creativity you can find other methods, and I hope you can tell I am aiming for an “And/Also” perspective rather than “Either/Or” perspective, as in “Either my ideas are better or your idea of re-writing this is better”.
      Thanks for listening to the show and adding to the vibrant community here.

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