Podcast #246: Down the Remembrance Hole – Exploring the Myths of WWII


"In the walls of the cubicle there were three orifices. To the right of the speakwrite, a small pneumatic tube for written messages, to the left, a larger one for newspapers; and in the side wall, within easy reach of Winston's arm, a large oblong slit protected by a wire grating. This last was for the disposal of waste paper. Similar slits existed in thousands or tens of thousands throughout the building, not only in every room but at short intervals in every corridor. For some reason they were nicknamed memory holes. When one knew that any document was due for destruction, or even when one saw a scrap of waste paper lying about, it was an automatic action to lift the flap of the nearest memory hole and drop it in, whereupon it would be whirled away on a current of warm air to the enormous furnaces which were hidden somewhere in the recesses of the building." -George Orwell, 1984

Manuel Pasquale joins me to discuss some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding America's second favorite war of all time: World War II

1) The Allies are greatly responsible for the rise of Nazi Germany
2) The Allies helped (Money, weapon, oil, technology, industry...) Nazi Germany
3) The Allies committed huge immoral crimes against mankind (imperialism, colonialism...)
4) The Allies made this war a world war that would last longer and kill more people by declaring war on Germany.
5) The consequences of using the State

Look Closer:
1. Germany’s Declaration of War Against the United States
Hitler’s Reichstag Speech of December 11, 1941

2. Dec. 11, 1941 - US-Radio Live Broadcast - Hitler's Declaration of War on USA (GER-EN, 63m 10s)
3. Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story NEVER Told (Documentary)
4. Antony C. Sutton
5. Did World War II Have To Happen? by Patrick J. Buchanan
6. Antony C Sutton: Wall Street and the rise of Hitler & communism
7. Freedomain Radio - Books

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  1. Any contact info on Manuel Pasquale? I did an internet search and found a result that listed him as a professional football (soccer) player. Not sure if this is the same person.

  2. I couldn’t help but feel that you missed one very essential thing in your analysis of what brought Germany towards Nazism and why their “imperialism” were different – the conflict in German society and mentality between Western “civilization” and German “culture”?

    The libertarian historian Paul Johnson writes in his book “Modern Times” (I only have the Swedish translation, so all linguistic errors are mine) for example:

    “The Conservatives could […] use violence without fear of legal consequences. Judges and members of court felt like participants in the struggle between the German culture and an alien civilization. […] The courts were recruited from the ordinary middle class.
    Why did they take the Eastern-oriented’s [who wanted to preserve Germany ‘pure’ from Western influence] side? One of the main reasons was that they were taught this in schools, which in turn reflected the political atmosphere of the universities. The modern German tragedy is an illustrative example of the danger it involves when academic life is politicized and professors give full expression to their ‘position’. The consequences are equally dire whether it is letftism or rightism. In both cases the well of knowledge is poisoned. ”

    “The ruling class consisted of princes, generals and landlords, law professors, who conferred the regime academic legitimacy and Lutheran priests who gave it its moral authority. These people hated passionately the countries in the West, both for their liberal ideas and their great materialism and lack of spirituality, which (according to the German view) was the fruit of these ideas. They wanted to preserve Germany ‘pure’ from Western influence, which was one of the motives behind their plan to reopen the medieval conquest and settlement in the East.
    There Germany would acquire a continental empire that would make it independent of the British-American world system. This eastward oriented group made ​​a fundamental distinction between ‘civilization’ and ‘culture’. The former, who came from the West, was allegedly rootless, cosmopolitan, immoral, non-German, materialistic and racially tainted, while the latter was clean, domestic, German, spiritual and real. Civilization drug Germany westward, culture drew it eastward. The real Germany was not part of the international civilization and formed their own, national race culture. When Germany fell to the lure of the West, it would go under, when it followed its fate in the East it fulfilled itself.”


  3. Somewhat related to this coversation, I recently listened to Tom Secker’s podcast (someone I was ‘introduced’ to by James Corbett), ClandesTime episode 004 – Conspiracy Theories: The Bolshevik Revolution (http://www.spyculture.com/clandestime-episode-004-conspiracy-theories-the-bolshevik-revolution/)

    In it, Secker attempts to break down the myth perpetuated by the ‘alternative media’, that the importance of Wall Street, as claimed by Sutton doesn’t hold up to available information. Perhaps more accurately, Secker is breaking down the idea that this is Sutton’s central thesis at all AND as far is it may be his thesis, that it has been overstated by the ‘alternative media’.

    I found the podcast interesting in that I have been guilty of perpetuating the idea of Wall Street’s importance in the Revolution without having read Sutton – logic before grammar and all.

    I understand that this doesn’t negate Sutton’s work at all and more specifically isn’t addressing Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, just thought I’d point it out.

  4. Winston Churchill made a lovely statement about WWII. He said “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.”
    So it’s not surprising that we have a slanted view of history

  5. This Episode is a small step in re-examining the Myth of WWII!

    The Pink Elephant that this episode missed: Hitler brought Germany from the dregs of the Versailles Treaty to a United Germany without relying on Rothschild Banks.. I see no mention of the elaborate system of “labor credits” which paid for the re-unification. This is the “real” reason that Hitler and the Nazi’s and the German People were demonized. Germany wasn’t in debt like the rest of the world and had to be made an example of!

  6. I can see how Stef would appeal to a Marxist.

  7. VERY interesting podcast, however I need to correct some inaccuracy at ~ 1:35:20
    “…Hitler was asking to give back a part of Poland that was German…
    Hitler had more right to claim that land from Poland the allies to start the war or
    ever Poland to occupy land ware German people had lived on German state for HUNDREDS of years …Poland would have give BACK the city of Danzig to Germany…”

    If you briefly check Danzig or Gdańsk (Polish and also present name)
    history you will realise that it was:
    990-1308 (318 years) Polish
    1309-1458 (149 years) German
    1458-1772 (314 years) Polish
    1773-1920 (147 years) German
    1920-1939 (19 years) Polish
    1945-up till now Polish

    So to sum up from 990 until 1939 Gdańsk was
    Polish for ~651 years
    German for ~296 years

    As silly “state way” of thinking may be, you should admit that sentence above is not accurate at all.

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