Podcast #244: The Trivium (Part Two) – Grammar and Logic


This is part two of a series about the Trivium Method for self-teaching. Gene Odening will accompany us through the next three episodes.

Covered today:

GRAMMAR REVIEW: The effect of grammar is to produce primary, or first-order, knowledge of a subject (19:00)
The utility of mythology and the subjective thought process

Law of Non-Contradiction (38:00)
contradictions exist only within the mind of man through the misuse
of free will (misinterpretations). Logic is meant to minimize these misinterpretations.

Truth vs Belief (41:50)
One of the most overused words without an definition attached is "truth"
truth: a proposition in correspondence with objective, factual reality (i.e., a conceptual statement with no innate disagreements)

English is a confusing language, denotation and connotation

The 4 components of logic
What is reasoning? (53:50)
a) The Rules of Deductive Reasoning - mentally taking ideas apart
b) The Rules of Inductive Reasoning- mentally putting ideas together
c) The Rules of definition - genus and differentia (1:06:00)
d) Informal Fallacies overview (1:11:00)
-Fallacies of Relevance
-Fallacies of Presumption
-Fallacies of Ambiguity

Look Closer:

Trivium and Quadrivium Cliff Notes by Gene Odening by 8thestate

Trivium Method of Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving by 8thestate

Jan Irvin's Site, Trivium Education - http://www.triviumeducation.com/

T&H Trivium Resources - https://www.tragedyandhope.com/trivium/

The Lost Tools of Learning, by Dorothy Sayers - http://www.gbt.org/text/sayers.html

Mark Passio, What On Earth Is Happening (11/13/11) - The Trivium - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3d_-_nbbTg

Greek Mythology: God and Goddesses - Documentary - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd3vClVdnRE

General Semantics: Alfred Korzybski -- how the nervous system 'abstracts' - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTjwJSE_qvA

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  1. Hallucinations disprove the infallibility of the senses.

    This whole right brain left brain junk has been scientifically dis-proven for a long time.

    Man is not a naturally logical thinker. Psychology has shown us that humans normally emotionally react first, then apply post-hoc rationalize their conclusions. It takes a great deal of effort to deduct instead of induct. This starting point of “ascended man” and innate critical thinking, is disprovable.

    That’s not what induction is about in terms of reasoning. Inductive reasoning is more about making a leap of reasoning, an assumption or hypothesis if you will. . It is about inference. It is infering something from what you have so far, instead of deducing something from it.

    Yes definitions are catagorical.

    I think the trivium is a correct framework or model for critical thinking, but a lot of the “polishing up” and taking care of the “narrative” loose ends of the trivium is done with falsehoods and junk.

  2. Oh i also forgot. The flynn effect and ever rising IQ’s disprove the notion of a dumbing down of the populace. Man is currently smarter than he has ever been in history. We aren’t regressing.

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