Podcast #240 (Supplemental): Brett On Freedom Lovin’ Podcast With Kevin Koskella


My recent conversation with Kevin Koskella, who also hosted one of my all-time favorite shows: Healthy Mind, Fit Body.

The first 25 minutes: a personal story and some developments with my former place of employment

Discussed with Kevin:
26:52 – Freedom Lovin’ iTunes review
30:23 – School Sucks beginnings
34:24 – Brett’s school experience
35:49 – Wes Bertrand and Logical Learning
37:42 – The problem with school
41:18 – Let’s get rid of school?
43:56 – Intellectual self-defense
48:55 – How do we break out of not thinking for ourselves?
54:52 – Intrinsic motivation
55:47 – The three lessons of school: obedience, conformity, intellectual apathy
57:50 – College loan system
62:18 – Future of government school
69:20 – Making a living doing what you want
72:34 – Single motivating purpose
74:56 – Free State Project
78:21 – Civil disobedience
56:00 – Healthy, Mind, Fit, Body

Look Closer:
Freedom Lovin' - Building Freedom In An Unfree World - http://www.freedomlovin.com/

tragedyandhope.com - http://www.tragedyandhope.com/

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  1. Hey guys im a hard core podcaster and would like to say I Loved the Healthy mind fit body podcasts. from there I progressed to the 3 Highly informative podcasts related to this that i think is worth sharing along with the HMFB podcasts. #1 is ChrissKressers Revolution health podcasts http://chriskresser.com/the-healthy-skeptic-podcast-episode-11 — this is super detailed, also the AskTheLowCarbExperts! and Robb wolfs podcasts… cannot recommend them enough. in further understanding the research and history of the confusion and propaganda.. gonna start following the Freedomloving podcasts. i got hooked on the health info after HMFB and have listened to all of the other podcasts now so im looking for more new materials. thanks guys for everything you do

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