238c: Presence and Productivity #3 – Input, Process, Output


This is the third installment in a series of shows inspired by my experience with and successes after reading the book, Getting Things Done by David Allen.

Discussed Today:
-Not enough time?
-The five stages of Gaining control over your life
-Enjoying our work
-Accepting too many inputs
-How to interface with GTD, book and lecture series
-The altitudes of planning

Input, Processing and Output

Look Closer:
David Allen, Getting Things Done - http://www.davidco.com/

The Trivium method - http://www.triviumeducation.com/

tragedyandhope.com - http://www.tragedyandhope.com/

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  1. So since you’ve started this series. I am bought the Kindle edition of Getting things done. Signed up for evernote. Cleaned out my work inbox. Put an inbox on my desk and asked my coworkers to put their printouts for me in there. Just doing these little things, even though I’m not very good at it, has cleared my mind and made me much less stressful.

    It almost seems like magic, but prior to this system my brain would always be full of things I need to do when i get at the office, when I get home, when I call so and so. Now, I drive to work in the morning, noticing the clouds.

    You just keep impressing me Brett!!

  2. Thank you for putting together this special series Brett, I too am looking into GTD actively as a way of organising the varied (and growing!) parts of my life which continue to battle it out for my time and attention. In this episode of the podcast (238c), there is mention of a lecture series used by the Tragedy and Hope team when they were first getting to read and consider the method. Is it worthwhile to look into this or is it best to read Allen’s book to begin with? If so, would it be possible if anyone could post a link to that lecture series here?

  3. Loving the infographics accompanying this series. Invaluable!!

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