228: Porcfest Interview – Conspiracy Theorists vs. Skeptics (and more)


WARNING: Strong Language

My third appearance on The Renegade Variety Hour. Here's our prior conversations:
1. 222 (Supplemental): Brett On The Renegade Variety Hour
2. Empathizing with “The Enemy” (Brett On The Renegade Variety Hour, Part 2)

At Porcfest, I sat down with Carlos and Taryn to discuss the topics listed below. Geoff, from Skeptical Youth also joined us.

-Is liberty a movement?
-Conspiracy theorist vs Skeptic debate
-History is filled with conspiracies
-Conspiracy research as learning motivator
-Open carrying
-Porcfest vs Woodstock '99 and Jugalo gatherings?
-If government disappears tomorrow
-Robert Higgs on how the state came to be
-Man Makes Himself
-A very brief history of slavery

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"Bus Rider" by John Swihart (Napoleon Dynamite Soundtrack)

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  1. Context: My response to someone on Yahoo regarding the NSA leak…

    Pseudo-skeptic: “A person who defers reason and evidence at the behest of institutions and authority figures; especially prone to deferment when persuaded by a biased media outlets presenting experts, and other authority figures, who are actively involved in, or are retired from but still related to an authoritative institution.”

    The sad truth is, if anyone dared mention a secret court order authorized operation PRISM, without the story being carried by national titles, this person would be scoffed at, shunned, and denigrated with the title, conspiracy theorist. But, now that our favorite biased news stations – pick your flavor, “liberal” or “conservative” – have picked up the story and echoed it through there channels, some people, and I suspect it’s the same type of person that would denigrate, and shun the “conspiracy theorist”, now play down operation PRISM, and act as if it’s acceptable.

  2. I was hoping to find the name of the book in which the thing happened about 2000 BC where progress seemed to halt (“Man Makes Himself”). Since there is no index here (except for the list of topics), I figured I’d put some “stakes in the ground” while I’m searching for the name of that book.
    14:38: Carlos mentioned Operation Northwoods (I think it was Carlos)
    16:30: Brett mentions https://www.amazon.com/Grunch-Giants-R-Buckminster-Fuller/dp/0312351941
    17:30: Brett says he’s an aetheist.
    23:08: Brett points out that money, alcohol, and hallucinogenics just accelerate you.
    24:00 Jeff joins the discussion.
    41:00 Brett mentions Man Makes Himself: progress stopped for 2 millennia as the Egyptian empire grew.
    51:00 Brett points out that the Islamic world of today looks like Massachusetts in 1692.

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