220: Is the Internet Giving People ADHD?

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No. And I have a few problems with that question.

Recorded live 5-16-13 with Osborne and Andre (NotesForRobots.com).

Our discussion grows out of a video called Why Our Brains Get Addicted to the Internet (and How to Avoid It). We spend the live portion of the podcast evaluating our issues with and strategies for focusing while working online.

Brett's Introduction: (START - 18:21)
When ADHD has Nowhere to Hide - http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/culturally-speaking/201305/when-adhd-has-nowhere-hide

Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD - http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/suffer-the-children/201203/why-french-kids-dont-have-adhd

INVENTOR OF ADHD'S DEATHBED CONFESSION: "ADHD IS A FICTITIOUS DISEASE" - http://www.worldpublicunion.org/2013-03-27-NEWS-inventor-of-adhd-says-adhd-is-a-fictitious-disease.html

Live Portion: (18:21 - 73:29)
MEMORY CONSOLIDATION - http://www.human-memory.net/processes_consolidation.html

Self-regulated Learning - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-regulated_learning

SSRI Stories - http://ssristories.com/

Carb Nite! - http://carbnite.com/

Non-Live Addition: (73:29 - END)
How to Rebuild Your Attention Span and Focus - http://lifehacker.com/5596964/how-to-rebuild-your-attention-span-and-focusl

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  1. Great topic. Listened as soon as I saw the title. I know this is an issue for me – short attention span for reading and easily distracted while online. However, for me at least, I realized years ago that reading books (and by extension, many articles online) is a big curiosity killer and I have no patience for them like I used to. I used to think that there was something wrong with me in this regard, but I’ve come to realize that most authors just plain suck at writing, and so make the tool of the written word useless to help transfer knowledge or spark imagination.

    I yearn for the tech from the Matrix where if you want to know how to fly a helicopter it takes a couple seconds to download and you move on.

    When I was younger I was interested in many things and would try to read books to learn more. More times than not though, even though the author may have been an expert in their field, they were mostly inept at being able to transferring their knowledge or enthusiasm to the reader.

    Many times I find myself begging an author to get to the point. Instead they seem to worry more about their word count or satisfying their blowhard personalities. A common theme that I find particularly irritating is when someone repeats the same idea over and over. Yeah, I got it the 1st time you said it, move on. I see this in books and articles, but also in videos and podcasts. In fact I’ve noticed that Stefan Molyneux does this quite a bit. He’ll take 10 minutes to answer a question by repeating the same thing 5 times in 5 slightly different ways instead of taking 2 minutes and answering once.

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