215: Viral Student Video Sparks Fake and Ephemeral Education Debate…Again


A one-take recording of a message to Jeff Bliss and students like him everywhere: schooling is not education

Jeff Bliss Video: Texas High School Student Demands An Education
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  1. I live in Duncanville, TX where this kid goes to school. I can put out the word to my local activism group to see if we can get a hold of him. There was another video where he says that he was inspired by Ron Paul, so it should help that my activism group made up what was the local Ron Paul campaign this last election cycle. I posted a thread in the Podcast Listeners forum a while back concerning my experience with public school. I find that I was just as frustrated as Mr. Bliss when I was his age. I found it insulting to my intelligence to have to put up with the crap going on in public school. From what I have heard, it has gotten worse since I left. I’ll have to try and get a hold of this kid and have him check School Sucks out.

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