211: Trying To Make Sense of the Boston Events (With Gardner Goldsmith)


On Monday (4-22-13) I co-hosted Liberty Conspiracy Live with Gardner. Here are his show notes:

In this program, we welcome our friend Brett Veinotte, the founder of the School Sucks Project, and the man behind School Sucks Podcasts and the School Sucks videos on Youtube (and elsewhere). Brett and Gardner Goldsmith discuss many of their thoughts about the inability of various government agencies to protect people from terrorist attacks, and the manner in which police and politicians responded to the Boston attacks. They also talk about the conspiracy theories, and how hard it is getting to poo-poo all the theories, especially when one looks at the terrible things the US government (and others) have done to create False Flag situations, and to hide their mistakes or lack of initiative to stop real terror attacks. We hope you like this one. We think it's very worthwhile.

Music? Well, as Gard mentions, the first cut is from the Fixx's first album, "Shuttered Room". It's called "The Strain". The whole album is great. Next... a little touch of Killing Joke (the end of "War Dance"), A hint of WIRE "Agfers of Kodak", Love Spit Love with The Prisoner (the song is "More Than Money"), The Cocteau Twins (singing in Gaelic here) with "Lorelei", Clutch "The Soapmakers", Agent Provocateur "Red Tape", Suicidal Tendencies "Institutionalized", The Sons of Liberty "When in the Course" and The Horrors "Who Can Say"

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Liberty Conspiracy - http://libertyconspiracy.com/
Why 'Control' Is the Wrong Response to Deadly Attacks - http://reason.com/blog/2013/04/19/why-control-is-the-wrong-response-to-dea

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