209: Terrorism and Other Consequences of Collectivism – With James Corbett


Another long-overdue conversation, this time with James Corbett, RT contributor and host of the Corbett Report:

-James discusses his wake-up process
-Adam Curtis films: Century of the Self and the Power of Nightmares
-Al Qaeda doesn't exist
-teaching elementary school in Japan
-The pervasiveness of the Prussian Model
-Japanese collectivism
-MSNBC Promo: children are property of the "community"
-Collectivism vs. Individualism
-America's history of abandoning personal independence?
-Audience Q&A on religion, Molyneux/Wilcutts debate, scientific management of humans

Full Video:

Look Closer:
Corbett Report - http://www.corbettreport.com/

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  1. Long overdue interview indeed! Is there some place on your site that lists all these folk you have yet to talk with, Brett?

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