205: Dominant Learning Theories vs. Personal Liberty


Can we find a model for knowledge acquisition that respects the individual by combining aspects of the dominant learning theories, instead of discarding them entirely?

1. John, the Admin of the Libertarian Teachers Group at schoolsucksproject.com, posted an interesting piece in the forum called Learning Theories and their Subsequent Pedagogy – Which one is most Libertarian?
2. Osborne and I discuss this post on our 3-21-13 live show, and I read a paper I wrote in 2002 called "My Philosophy of Education", written for an Intro to Education class.
3. I provide more detail of the newest of the learning theories: connectivism
4. I try to answer the question, Which learning theory is most Libertarian?

Objectivism (5 Branches of Philosophy)
1. Metaphysics
2. Epistemology-Logic
3. Ethics
4. Politics
5. Aesthetics

Metaphysical Laws
1. Identity
2. Causality
3. Non-Contradiction

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Full Discussion:

Look Closer:
Learning Theories Info_Graphic - http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2013/03/learning-theories-every-teacher-should.html

Key Terms for Cognitivism and Constructivism - http://www.coe.fau.edu/faculty/cafolla/courses/eme6051/cognitivism.htm

Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age - http://www.elearnspace.org/Articles/connectivism.htm

Metaphysics - http://wiki.objectivismonline.net/Metaphysics

Ayn Rand Lexicon - http://aynrandlexicon.com/

An Introduction to Objectivism Part1 - Lecture by Leonard Peikoff - http://youtu.be/cW-xUEYaBnU

Trivium - http://www.triviumeducation.com/trivium/

Index of Learning Theories and Models - http://www.learning-theories.com/

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