204: Brett Guest-Hosts the Freedomain Radio Sunday Call-In Show


I host the Freedomain Radio Sunday Call-In Show in the place of Stefan Molyneux.
Thank you to Stef, Michael and James.
This show is unedited and was recorded live on 3-24-13.

Set List:
-Is Liberty a Movement?
-Liberty is personal
-Being a hater is easy...
-My transformation
-Appealing to emotion
-Stef's view of the family
-Sudbury School
-Democracy and negotiation
-Could any kind of school be beneficial?
-Costs of keeping up with the Joneses
-Bullying people with the truth
-Nonviolent communication
-Being a hater is easy...(reprise)
-Living consciously
-Unschooling is not unparenting
-cost-prohibitive educational alternatives
-Push marketing
-Connecting with peers
-Twelve-Step programs
-The Secret
-College advice
-The A/V Club

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Freedomain Radio - http://www.freedomainradio.com/
Breaking Free by Nathaniel Branden - http://www.amazon.com/Breaking-Free-Nathaniel-Branden/dp/0553265881
The Heart of Parenting: Nonviolent Communication in Action - http://www.parentingwithpresence.net/index.php?pageid=970

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  1. Wrong way walker

    Great podcast! The wrong way walker was probably walking the wrong way in a bike path on the street. This has become common…people walking, running, skating in the street going the wrong direction into oncoming traffic because they think it improves their visibility. Instead it increases the chance of a head-on collision. Imagine if car drivers started driving on the wrong side of the road for the same reasons!

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