201: David Angelo of eEconomics


David interacts with his audience.

Topic: A conversation with comedian and Emmy-nominated writer David Angelo. As a long-time fan of David's, I was very excited to learn about his You Tube channel eEconomics.

-Influences/What inspired you to start this channel?
-Economic literacy in Hollywood
-College economics, all Keynes
-Hollywood politics
-Stand-up audiences
-Angelo vs. Chomsky
-My praise for David's comedy style

Bumper Music:
Slick Rick, "Children's Story (Instrumental)"

Highlight Clips

Look Closer:
eEconomics on You Yube - http://www.youtube.com/user/eEconomics
David's Website - http://www.davidangelo.info/
David's Twitter - https://twitter.com/dwangelo
Red Bar Radio (mentioned) - http://redbarradio.net/

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  1. Thanks for introducing David and eEconomics. I went to the youtube page and watched all his videos, their great and a good laugh.

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