200e: Jeffrey Tucker – Child Labor, Men’s Fashion, and Career Advice


(2013 NH Liberty Forum Series, Part Five)
An awesome discussion with Jeffrey Tucker, the Laissez Faire Club's Primus Inter Pares.

-Jeffrey's teenage resume
-Child Labor and liberation
-Ideal learning times and the value of work
-Fashion advice
-Conformity vs. social attentiveness
-Career and money-management advice

Recorded at the 2013 New Hampshire Liberty Forum.

Photo Credits: Claire Haus, Cameron Barr

Look Closer:
Laissez Faire Club - http://lfb.org/
Kids: Smarter Than Adults, by Jeffrey Tucker - http://lfb.org/today/kids-smarter-than-adults/

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  1. I think the mentality of staying home in college and getting your parents help is especially popular among students who are in the sciences, or take difficult subject matter. Also, from what I find, students these days are really into the “college experience” which takes away from the point of college which is to network with people in your career field and not network at some houseparty.

    Great podcast. Love Jeffrey Tucker.

  2. Great interview Brett. I had a goofy grin plastered on my face for 50 minutes. I could listen to Jeffrey Tucker talk for hours and not get bored. His sense of wonderment of the world around us in contagious.

    I’m kicking myself for not being able to make it to the Liberty Forum. I would have loved to hear his speech live.

    While listening to this interview I was reminded of this quote from Tom Robbins;

    “The enemy of the black is not the white. The enemy of capitalist is not communist, the enemy of homosexual is not heterosexual, the enemy of Jew is not Arab, the enemy of youth is not the old, the enemy of hip is not redneck, the enemy of Chicano is not gringo and the enemy of women is not men.

    We all have the same enemy.

    The enemy is the tyranny of the dull mind.

    The enemy is every expert who practices technocratic manipulation, the enemy is every proponent of standardization and the enemy is every victim who is so dull and lazy and weak as to allow himself to be manipulated and standardized.”

    Thanks again for the interview.

  3. This is one of my favourite interviews ever. I too, could listen for many hours straight (wink), la suave Jefforama Tuckerama. It’s a Jetson’s World for me while he speaks.

    BTW folks, suave Brett V, (not Burt Vennert, you silly), will be guest hosting next week’s http://freedomainradio.com/, Sunday Show, at 10:00am…Ouch, that’s a bit early, but heck, who would want to miss this, eh?

    I, among other long-time FDR listeners and donators, will be in the chatroom to make things interesting and pleasant for Brett’s first guest hosting experience, while Stef is out of town.

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