200b: Neal’s UNESCO High School Experience


(2013 NH Liberty Forum Series, Part Two)
Neal from Flaming Freedom joins Osborne and me for a discussion at the 2013 New Hampshire Liberty Forum.

-UNESCO Schools and the International Baccalaureate(IB)Program
-American History through the Book of Mormon
-Euphemism: "Single-Party Rulers"
-Hegel and Marx
-discovering the philosophy of liberty in high school
-the 2004 Presidential Election
-How gays were co-opted by the state

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  1. I’ve only heard the first few minutes so far, but already I’m excited to hear that others might consider the push for gay marriage to be a mixed blessing — the “right” to ask permission to marry, and then become subject to taxes and control structures that other libertarians tend to rail against. (But does this mean that I’m the right track? How do I know that I’m not just experiencing confirmation bias?)

  2. That was it? What happened to all the hype during your intro? It was like half a minute near the end that basically said “yeah, gays ended up liking the reins of power”. I guess I thought there’d be a little more about the history of gay rights campaigns and how hypocritical it is to be libertarian only for a single cause.

  3. I work at a private independent school and I am trained in the IB program. Briefly, I think Neal’s experience has less to do with IB and more to do with the biases teachers bring into their classrooms in the first place. The IB actually has one of the better educational programs I’ve seen. In fact, I feel comfortable saying that there is no better or bigger program that teaches a systemized methodology for thinking than IB. If a libertarian were to combine the IB program with a school that honored the non-aggression principle and self ownership, this school has the potential to market very successfully to parents. I’ll post more details later. I’m actually running a problem solving based outdoor education program this morning that is based off of IB criteria. Anyone want to climb a mountain in Hawaii with me?

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