197: The Sudbury School (2/2): A Step In the Right Direction


Jason Osborne and I review the Sudbury Valley School, based on our experiences at a recent open house, conversations with students and staff, and some additional research. Wes Bertrand joins us to share his insights.

-The physical plant and amenities of the Framingham school
-Judicial Review and the school meeting
-Maria Montessori
-Political connections and implications

Look Closer:
Education: Class Dismissed
It's every modern parent's worst nightmare—a school where kids can play all day. But no one takes the easy way out, and graduates seem to have a head start on the information age. Welcome to Sudbury Valley.
By Hara Estroff Marano, published on May 01, 2006

Complete Liberty Podcast
Happiness Counseling
Sudbury Valley School Website
And Now for Something Completely Different...
An Introduction to Sudbury Valley School

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  1. I am happy about your interest in the Sudbury Valley School, but disappointed in your podcast about it. My son attends the school and your description was not only “nit picky”, but incredibly misinformed. You seem to have taken many things out of context, particularly your discussion about the judicial review. It is apparent that you do not have a clear understanding of the context in which the by-laws (rules as you call them) at SVS are made and applied. If you did, you would recognize that the rules (which are made by the students themselves) and the judicial committee (made up of students as well) do not result in an “authoritarian” environment, to the contrary, they are exactly what allows a child to be free. From the tone of the podcast, it seems that you are more concerned about the political leanings of the SVS community (all those Warren and Obama stickers) than you are about the education itself, and I can’t help but notice that you appear to view the school through the lens of your politics. Perhaps you might try spending a day at the school with a more open mind, maybe then you will get a more accurate idea of what the Sudbury Valley School is really about.

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