194: A High School Senior Stands Up and Talks Back


Photo: One high school history teacher is working hard to get his students excited about America's next military target.

Topic: Sam, a high school senior and host of the You Tube channel Liberty Queenjoins me to discuss her self-education in spite of being trapped in government school.

-Influences/What inspired you to start this channel?
-Ron Paul and the pointless, pugilistic nature of politics
-What is the school experience like after coming to understand the ideas of liberty?
-dealing with a warmonger teacher
-The pledge of allegiance
-The gun debate
-Why freedom is a personal pursuit

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  1. I wanted to comment on the section of the podcast where you spoke about the teacher’s use of the limited options scenario. This is the very same method that has been used for decades on students in order to get them to question and ultimately reshape their internal value systems. It’s IDENTICAL to the structured discussion of the lifeboat scenario where there are more people than will fit into the last available lifeboat and students are tasked with deciding who will live and who must die.

    This technique was discussed by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt in her landmark book from 1999 called “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”. Iserbyt exposes the history, planning, and implementation of the Socialist takeover of the American educational system and how our children are being reprogrammed to accept Socialism and to become workers for the Global Collectivist State.

    I encourage EVERYONE to read her incredibly important book and here’s the URL to get it FREE from her website in PDF:

  2. I’d like to see the video from the classroom. Can anyone link me to that?

  3. Great interview! As a teacher, I commend this young lady for learning how to think. She seems to be handling that feeling of being the only sane one in the asylum with quite a lot of grace. Stay tough, Sam! As Brett said, there are more of us here on the outside.

  4. I would also like to find this video to link to it. I can’t believe this garbage.

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