193: A High School Freshman Wakes Up and Speaks Out


Topic: Drew Demeter joins us to discuss his self-education and his You Tube channel, Teen Take. View and subscribe here: Teen Take

This is the full audio version of SchoolSucksTV #5

-Influences/What inspired you to start this channel?
-Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura
-What is the school experience like after coming to understand the ideas of liberty?
-The pledge of allegiance
-The concept of "equality"
-the type of equality libertarians care about

The podcast version includes our full discussion, which also covers
-Monsanto and eugenics?
-The conspiracy context and jumping the gun

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Look Closer:
Teen Take
Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura

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  1. You mentioned the Popular Mechanics article about 9-11 “debunking” the claims that contradict the official story of what happened that day. It is possible you may have not seen the detailed debunking of the PM debunking.

    In short PM, set up various strawmen that had little to no relation to the more respected elements of the “911 truth” movement.
    The author of the PM article also has reason to write such a hit piece, being that he has written previous articles praising the military-industrial complex and the various police-state actions that have been carried out post 911.

    I understand this might not be a topic you wish to cover on the School Sucks podcast for the same reasons as the vaccine controversy. It could be more for private dialogue and personal investigation.

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