189: Politics, Gun Control and Facebook – How People Divide and Conquer Themselves


Topic: Cory and I discuss some of his recent social media conflicts over the gun issue. We also discuss the presentation of and political discourse on this topic in the month since the Newtown shooting.

-The purpose of politics?
-An NVC approach to this issue

Look Closer:
Complete Liberty Episode 132 - Cultural roots of authoritarianism in need of nonviolent communication
NVC - needs inventory

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  1. RE: on the topic of sort of what feels good in the moment is “right.” – or as you say “The need to feel good is to feel right”

    A lot of parents use this parenting strategy of, teaching right and wrong by making their kids feel good or bad. If the child does something wrong, they parent make the child feel bad about it. And the same thing when the child does something that the parent deems is “Good.”

    So from then on, this sort of reasoning from emotions takes over. A topic comes up as an adult. And simply, if it feels good, it is good. If it feels bad it is bad. And the tools that they use for trying to convince others, or spread that goodness and badness are along those lines. Memes are a popular venue for emotional reasoning.

    And I don’t know how much people want to shield themselves from details and nuances themselves. As much as they simply distrust and/or avoid things that someone claims is right, but at the same time makes them feel “bad.”

    And it seems to accurately describe a world filled with two polorized opinions of a topic. If the idea of being able to defend yourself with a gun makes you feel “good.” Then it is good. if the idea of even being around guns makes you feel “bad” then it is bad. The facts, the statistics, the logic, the reasoning, consistency. While they are called upon often, they are often filtered through that emotional reasoning first. Which I think is corrupting.

    Ultimately they are both just tragic strategies for feeling good. They are both just poor strategies for meeting needs.

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