188: Disinformation On Purpose Or Just By Accident? (Aftershow 7-26-12)


By popular demand: another show about Alex Jones. This is an After School Sucks Special recorded on July 26th, 2012, shortly after the shooting in Colorado. Brian Hagen, Allen Murdoch and I discuss various concerns and criticisms of Alex Jones and infowars.com. This is optional listening.

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  1. This is by far the worst episode I have heard from you guys. It sounds more like you take issue with Alex Jones rather than anything else.

    You use Ad Hominem and Shooting the messenger fallacies, while jumping to conclusions with the Austin Incident.

    I’m not a fan of Alex, but anyone could see he was taping the event which could have been a stunt of his.

    He is a liar, egomaniac and opportunist rather than cointelpro.

    5 million a year and he sinks it back into his media empire while buying houses and cars for himself. With a fraction of that money he could set up Home Schooling Networks online or simple online co-ops etc. He is a Paytriot.

  2. Disinformation On Purpose Or Just By Accident?

    What the hell! A guest on your show claims vaccines are safe, and there is no link to Autism, and that ALEX is the one spreading dis-information.

    Brett I think it is best to never bring Alex Jones topics up on your show again, it is a mine field, and though I enjoy you and your show, I fear that calling out Alex Jones for his antics, can have unnecessary blowback. A warning to check for source information on his reporting would have sufficed, because like your guest said a link to an older infowars.com article does not give good evidence. They do that though because many of their topics were covered months ago, and the original source links are contained in them.

    Ask James Corbett about original source links. They are un-reliable in that after alternative media exposes an big issue, many websites will delete or erase the source information to avoid fallout. Does that make the infowars.com article wrong? Does that make me, James, Alex or anyone a liar, if we say we read documents or articles that claim something but cant provide the link anymore?

    There have been court cases against vaccine damage, including autism where victims have won damages. I can think of no better evidence than case law where it was proven the cause of victim harm was a vaccine and the manufacturer must pay damages. The most recent I have read took place in Italy. (“Look it up!” lol) There is no point including a link, because everyone who listened to show 188 won’t believe it… your guest said MMR vaccines are safe.

    As well, most arguments made that go against the topics the Alex Jones covers, are arguments from authority. Does this not require specific links to evidence refuting the claims made on his show?

    The truth is that Alex Jones woke me up to a lot of stuff, and if nothing else, has given me a skeptics eye on many things that I once took for granted, and that is a good thing. Plus I have seen the source links for the “Spider-goats” and “Glow in the Dark Monkeys” and they are distrubing LOL!

    Finally, what bothers me the most, is that Alex Jones was my link to sites such as School Sucks Project, The Corbett Report, Free Domain Radio, Tragedy and Hope etc. and without hearing his show the first time I NEVER would have found yours, because I would not have been actively LOOKING for this stuff, I admit that I was ASLEEP. Not to mention the many other host sites of guests that he has had on his show over the years. From now on don’t try to discredit Alex Jones anymore, don’t even mention him unless asked, and then say something like…

    “Alex covers alot of stuff on his show, but I would recommend someone like James Corbett, or Stefan Molyneux because they cover the same stuff without the ads, rants, or religion.”

  3. I mistakenly stated that a vaccine manufacturer must pay damages, and that was wrong. The Italian health ministry is responsible for the damage, the manufacturer it looks like, is immune.

  4. One of you should start a thread about this in the forum to get some thoughts from other people. The point of posting this show was to demonstrate what can change in 6 months, when comparing this to the previous episode. On both occasions (in July and last week) I was very troubled by this man’s behavior and presentation at a crucial time for reaching out to new people.

    I don’t have a definitive answer on what he is doing or why. I wanted to do these shows so people with a variety of opinions could discuss this issue.

  5. Brett –

    THANKS for the Alex Jones show #188. I simply can NOT listen to that guy because of his “Gish Gallup” technique. His facts may be real, but when he piles on logical fallacies so fast I can’t even count ’em, let alone decipher them, I just gotta tune out.

    Enjoyed #187 (great rap number) too, where you ripped up his “debate” with that British guy – what’s his name? Yours was about the most cogent commentary I heard on that circus.

    I’m on the wrong end of your demographic – 60+ – but my absolute FAVORITE Alex Jones was from these young Stray’ans, who hit the nail on the head with this satire:


    BEST Alex EVER!!! Alex shows up at 2:23 but I LOVE Hitlery first …

    Thx for all you do,


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