187: Logic Saves Lives Part 9 – Alex Jones vs. Piers Morgan


...vs. Reason, Manners, Composure, Meaningful Communication and Philosophy

Logic is about understanding reality in a non-contradictory way and how can we see things for what they are.

Metaphysical Laws

Topic: Tony Myers (TragedyAndHope.com) and I discuss what is troubling us about Alex Jones, Piers Morgan, and the current gun control debate.

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  1. Right ON. . . That freak show made me put something out as well. Check it out if you can: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_VOPlktCp0&feature=youtu.be

    and of course feel free to share!

  2. Great conversation. I think you guys explored this issue from a multifaceted perspective. One thing I’d like to add is that I wonder when it’s okay to get angry. When is it okay to look across a table at a “new world order hatchetman” basically shout them down? CNN is a network that deserves to be clowned. It deserves ridicule. Think about how they sell all of the wars, all of the statist murder, and literally help brainwash the public to give up their liberties. When you become aware of this and you sit there and really think about the people who do this, wouldn’t some righteous anger make sense? Especially when you are sitting across from one of these people? Think about what you would do if you sat across the table from a Nazi, Soviet, or Chinese propagandist that is basically justifying mass murder. I think a lot of good people are going to lose their minds when faced with that kind of evil. Yeah, I know the anger looks bad, but we’re all conditioned against anger against these people. We’re conditioned by school to treat homegrown monsters with respect and politely debate people of advocate some of the most heinious actions imaginable. The broader context of CNN, of Peirs Morgan, and the kind of effect they have on the world is horrific.

    I’d probably lose my mind if I had to look a person like that in the eye. I hate to use a biblical metaphor because I’m an atheist, but I honestly think I’d have a Jesus flipping over the money changer table moment. I’d think about all the murder this guy and this network promotes, I’d think about the drones and the dead kids that no one cares about, and I’d think about my own kids and I can seriously see myself losing control.

    So, when is righteous anger appropriate? What should it look like? What would you do when you have the Mouth of Sauron staring at you? Aragorn chopped his head off and everyone clapped in the movie theater. Perhaps Alex’s behavior is perfectly understandable and perhaps as well it’s something that should be expected?


    • Props to this comment. I can’t wait to hear this podcast. I listened to Alex Jones for a few years, and while I no longer listen to him, I can’t say I disagree with many of the things he feels so passionately about. I turned to other voices in the liberty movement (Gardner Goldsmith, Stefan Molyneux, Brett Veinotte) that showed a certain amount of optimism.

      I also like that I don’t have to constantly search for evidence of things that are unprovable and unknowable, even if they are likely true.

      Finally, I’m glad to have cast off statism and religion, something that The Alex Jones Show is deeply saturated in.


  3. I was pretty conflicted over what I thought after seeing the CNN interview. In some of Alex’s more sane moments when charged with his histrionics being bad for the movement and he should be calmer and more thoughtful. He has oftentimes said, in his experience being calm, thoughtful and reserved doesn’t work as well. In some ways he is right. No one would be talking about the interview if he did not rant and go crazy.

    The other part is Alex Jones is a self-promoter. He knows how to get attention guerrilla style. The audience that will be scared of him is not the audience he is after.

    There is a chance he is controlled opposition and is something we should be careful of especially from anyone that claims to be a leader. Mind you most people that are radio show hosts and TV personalities have big egos and put them in a movement and they could easily get Messiah complexes.

    Overall great discussion, though.

  4. wow brett awesome, sane reflection. thanks.

  5. One thing I have to comment on about you, Brent and your co-host. Both of you are highly intelligent and intellectual. Intellectuals rarely respect an emotional rant. This podcast is far above many peoples ability to understand or above their level curiosity.

    Emotion rules the day. Emotion moves people. Logic only moves some people. AJ moves people. That scares many libertarians who are mostly left brained intellectuals.

    Alex communicates well with the Midwestern/Rural areas. Mind you, most of their rugged individualism is exactly what what libertarianism is. Too many educated libertarians pooh pooh that. Alex communicates with them and they are right largely right. They should be left alone. They don’t want a govt. handout.

    Alex should be taken with a grain of salt. But I can say I probably would not be a libertarian if it wasn’t because of him. He even made me an activist. I have moved beyond him his histrionics, but if it wasn’t for some histrionics I may not have woken up from my trance. The fact is we are under attack and we should be fearful. Maybe we need a “fear monger” to wake us up to that fact.

  6. I know of no Alex Jones Film that Gary Busy was involved in. Please reference that.

  7. To white bread intellectuals Alex Jones is concerning. To look at how far the police state has broadened over the years is deeply disturbing. I would ask how people can can get activated if they don’t get scared first?

    We need to win the intellect arguments we also need the Paul Reveres, the Alex Jones, screaming out that there is is a problem out here. He is not always trying to hit the Ivy League Intellectuals. He is trying to hit those that have ears to hear.

  8. I really love the live call in show but I appreciate podcasts like this too. I know it’s difficult to do both but I hope more people support the show that we can have it all! Excellent show!

  9. Thank you, Brett. I really appreciate what you’re doing and all the effort. You’re awesome.

  10. This was a good podcast and I enjoyed it for the most part but your guest made a severe contradiction when he was speaking about the “Existential Fallacy”.

    He made the same error that Ayn Rand made when she said “Existence exists”. He said, “Events exist, or existed”. This is making the fallacy of reification, or misplaced concreteness. To say that events, or existence exists is to say that CONCEPTS exist.

    Existence is defined as: Objects with location. A car may exist, but a “car crash” does not exist. It is an event that occurs. Events occur between objects in reality, i.e. in existence, and are conceived of and understood by the human brain, concepts like “events” or “existence” do not exist.

  11. One of the best School Sucks podcasts in recent memory. I found the conversation between Brett & Tony to be very insightful and on point. If an individual in the liberty movement were to ask me for the best intellectual review of the Alex Jones/Piers Morgan “debate”, I would not hesitate in recommending this episode of School Sucks Podcast.

    Bravo gentlemen and keep up the great work!

  12. I also enjoyed this episode. Also, the ad you put at the end mad me laugh. You should post just that last 5 minutes of the show as it’s own file. 🙂 Would share.

  13. Thank u so much for this eye-opening podcast Brett! Oftentimes I’m confused by the whole fallacy discussion since I’m quite new to that logic (I went to public school)…but I followed this conversation with ease and delight!
    I shared it with my boyfriend, who is an avid Stef listener and he loved it as well.
    I gradually awaken from my somber (in the matrix) with each podcast I listen to.My monthly donation is well worth it!
    You inspire me.

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