184: Youth Marketing – Old Tricks For New Generations


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Topic: Cory, Celestina and I discuss what many may consider predatory practices in modern advertising and 360-degree marketing to children. While these techniques have become more sophisticated with the arrival of new media, they still rely on the basic tricks that adults have been falling for since the mid-1920s.

-Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood (Documentary)
-Government intervention in media, Federal Trade Commission
-Edward Bernays

This show was recorded live on 12-27-12. School Sucks is live on UStream Saturdays at 6pm EST.

Look Closer:

Propaganda (1928)by Edward Bernays

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  1. The symbology of media. 
    Although the tool of application has evolved, media is still a method by which ideas and intentions are conveyed onto the masses without actually demonstrating itself as a first person observable idea or intention. 
    It is superficial and the mind must be engaged in a deception to make what is not sensed a reality, or seeming reality. 
    The word as complied in a book is the prime example. The illiterate were and are swayed by what is therein contained in spite of the fact that none of the senses by which humans perceive have been engaged. 
    Literacy has not changed this perception, but rather as exacerbated the problem because although we have general consensus as to the meanings of words as communicable language, we have no idea what exactly the symbols mean which when compiled together create those words. 
    During the time I was watching the topic video and listening to the subsequent podcast, I could not help but relate it to 9/11. 
    I always find this a peculiar event, as September 11 is not generally used to describe the date, but rather the numerical format. 
    September being derived from septenary gives a different meaning, as it relates to Seven 6+1 a cardinal number.
    So September 11 would therefore be 7/11, and as like the junk food store it’s meaning seems entirely to be about filling ones head with junk media. 
    Also to note, 2001 is the turn of second millennium and sept.11 equates to the gestation period of a human. To me implying we are at a perception level of a two year old, with all the implications and ability to be influenced by media that a two year old has. 
    I have much more to say on this but, I’m sleepy and this is a very long piece of work. 
    I know so many think I’m off the wall on this notion, however I see far to many correlations between things to make the theory less substantial then a series of coincidental occurrences. 
    Ever wonder about that “G”. 
    I conclude it relates to man, the broken “O”. The “O” which is whole complete, and not taken to influence. 
    The “G” is susceptible and can be influenced by “angle” and the “rule”, as dictated to, by the men of “letters”.
    Grammar being the susceptible “O” being pummeled by two “rams” so that which ever way you look at it, you are under the spell of influence. 

  2. The pro-state argument of reacting to a problem with more government sounds an awful lot like the problem, reaction, solution steps of the Hegelian dialectic. The podcast introduced me to this thought process that I had been trained in and I’m doing my best to discard it. I feel the need to bring it up whenever I hear it.

    I’ll have to buy “Little Boxes” later today. I love the old folk/hippie tunes as they almost got the whole way to real liberalism. Almost.

    Loved the show, I would share my experiences with marketing to children but cannot due to contractual obligations.


  3. Here is a link to the full version of Century of Self if anyone is looking for it. Part 2 of the one above has been taken down.


  4. Years ago I used to hand out anti-military recruiting flyers to kids as they were getting off the bus. It was, I believe, very effective and certainly did upset the government staff.

    I think we should consider doing these sorts of projects with schoolsucks flyers.

    Let me know what you think. I can help organize that, and in the future, include rothbardian, misesian, anacap literature too!

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