161 (Supplemental): After School (Sucks) Special With Larken Rose

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Topics: An expansion of of the conversation in show #160: Logic Saves Lives Part 3 - The Most Dangerous Superstition (With Larken Rose).

Larken joined us to discuss his book, The Most Dangerous Superstition, and the logical fallacy called argumentum ad verecundiam (appeal to authority). This fallacy often lays the groundwork for many additional logical and rhetorical missteps in debate.

This is an edited version of the After School (Sucks) Special. School Sucks is live on the Liberty Radio Network and UStream Thursdays at 10pm EST.

Look Closer:
The Appeal To Authority (Defined)

The Appeal To Force (Defined)

Genetic Fallacy (defined)

Logical Fallacies Basics

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