143: Logic Saves Lives Part 1 – Foundation, Attitudes and Values


b>"Logic is man’s method of reaching conclusions objectively by deriving them without contradiction from the facts of reality—ultimately, from the evidence provided by man’s senses. If men reject logic, then the tie between their mental processes and reality is severed; all cognitive standards are repudiated, and anything goes; any contradiction, on any subject, may be endorsed (and simultaneously rejected) by anyone, as and when he feels like it."
-Any Rand “Nazism and Subjectivism,” The Objectivist, Feb. 1971

Wes Bertrand joins me to discuss the foundational concepts in the science of logic. We use the work of Leonard Peikoff (Objectivism: The Philosphy of Ayn Rand and An Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology) as our guide.

Logic is about understanding reality in a non-contradictory way and how can we see things for what they are.

-Why truth is more important than comfort
-Percepts to Concepts
-The Stolen Concept
-The Problem With Objectivism
-Attitudes and Values
-Approach, Communicating Effectively

Objectivism (5 Branches of Philosophy)
1. Metaphysics
2. Epistemology-Logic
3. Ethics
4. Politics
5. Aesthetics

Metaphysical Laws
1. Identity
2. Causality
3. Non-Contradiction

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Look Closer:
Logical Fallacies Basics

Ayn Rand Lexicon

Objectivism: The Philosphy of Ayn Rand

An Introduction to Objectivism Part1 - Lecture by Leonard Peikoff


Rand's Razor

Achieving “mind like water” through Getting Things Done



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  1. As a 42 year old, the greatest hurdle I seem to encounter when attempting to encourage others to consider reason and logic is getting them to listen and comprehend more than a few seconds of discussion. I struggle with this with my own wife. In a “bullet point” or ” short attention span” type of generation, what is your opinion on encouraging people to think deeply and concisely in a rational, logical, axiomatic way? …..BTW – I’m still struggling with this issue for myself.
    Thanks for your time.

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