141: Ron Paul – The Final Fantasy Follow-Up (An Alternative Point of View)


Topic: In October of 2011, Stephanie Murphy, George Mandrik and I discussed our experiences with the 2008 Ron Paul Presidential Campaign.

I was recently contacted by Shaun Bowen, a Ron Paul 2012 campaign worker, who heard the episode and wanted to offer an alternative point of view.

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"In Motion" Trent Reznor

Look Closer;

106: A Young Person's Guide To Politics (Appendix A) - Ron Paul, The Final Fantasy

"Democracy--the god that failed: the economics and politics of monarchy" By Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Freedomain Radio-True News 5: The Truth About Voting

Democracy Is Not Freedom by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

FDR1980 Walter Block vs Stefan Molyneux vs Ron Paul!

Could the Bay State’s Ron Paul-loving delegates ruin Romney’s coronation?

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