117 (Supplemental): Brett On Porc Therapy With Stephanie Murphy


Porc Therapy is a pro-freedom relationship talk show that takes a unique look at the question of how we can attain the most individual liberty possible, starting with our personal lives and relationships with others.

On Porc Therapy, host Stephanie Murphy explores ways to apply voluntaryist or libertarian principles – for example, peace, honesty, respect for natural rights, empathy and compassion, voluntary association, and individual sovereignty – to relationships with friends, loved ones, family, neighbors, coworkers, and more. Stephanie looks at current social norms and traditions through a critical lens, and tries to apply a rational perspective to every subject that is raised on Porc Therapy. The result is a show that is very different from traditional relationship talk shows.

During the show, Stephanie discusses listener questions, articles, news items, and takes phone calls. Porc Therapy is a live radio show and podcast.


What is unschooling?; things you can do with legos; kids, school, and feelings; Connie, a radical homeschooling mom, shares her experiences about parenting and liberty; the atrocities of war and people’s reactions to them.

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