116 (Keys Installment #7): Dale J. Stephens and the Uncollege Movement


Imagine a door to complete freedom, abounding opportunity and greater personal satisfaction... Public education is the lock. This is the sixth in a series of non-sequential shows about finding keys.

Dale J. Stephens joins me to discuss the Uncollege movement.

Topics: (from dalejstephens.com)

Hacking Your Education
If you want to be unremarkably average, go to college, turn in your homework, and graduate summa cum laude. You’ll have a college degree to your name, but you won’t be any closer to changing the world. The path to wild success does not involve jumping through hoops. If you want to succeed you cannot be a lemming. We all have something that makes us different in one way or another–and society has trained us to be ashamed of our unconventional quirks. By using your unique qualities to your advantage, you can turn the conformist paradigm on its head and speed along the path to success. Ultimately the only authority you need is your own, and by defining success for yourself you’ll make happiness readily achievable.

Working with the Millennial Generation
22.4% of college graduates under 25 are unemployed. That means that only the best and the brightest are getting jobs—but it’s difficult to interface with these digital natives. Information is cheap and access is instant. We see no separation between work and life—Twitter and Facebook are part of our workflow. These changes are difficult for previous generations—and institutions—to understand. Because Dale bridges the gap between youth and adults, he doesn’t just relate to both but shares their experiences, fears, and challenges. He can help you understand how to successfully work with the leaders of tomorrow.

The UnCollege Movement: Reinventing Higher Education
College provides four things—knowledge, network, community, and signal—yet technology is changing faster than educational institutions. The university is at a crossroads, trying to stay competitive in a constantly changing market while still delivering a quality education at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, the university is failing on both counts: tuition is skyrocketing while student learning is plummeting. What is the future of higher education? This talk will address the coming transformation of education, both inside and outside institutions.

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