108 (Supplemental): Free Radical Radio With John Kurtz


From freeradicalorlando.com:
Free Radical Radio with John Kurtz and Whitcomb Kincaid, Broadcasted Monday thru Friday at 7PM on 810 AM WEUS Orlando’s Real Talk is one of the most unique and informative talk-radio shows on Central Florida Radio. Premiering in September of 2011, this refreshing program breaks away from the typical Conservative – Liberal Paradigm and discusses the issues of the day in a truthful, no holds barred approach. The program has grown a very large following with its in depth and firsthand knowledge and experiences of its hosts, providing an entertaining yet thought provoking radio experience. Free Radical Radio is one of the most active and interactive local Orlando talk shows with a very high volume of call ins, online listeners and podcast downloads.

Lyrics For the Sing-Along:

Yo quiero tocar la guitarra
y necesito a bailar a la música

Yo quiero tocar la guitarra
y necesito a bailar a la música

Cantando y bailando me hace muy feliz
Te vas a divertir cantando. Cantando me

Junto a mí y haremos algo de música.
Ven a mi casa a mear en mi boca.

Show Website: freeradicalorlando.com

Free Radical On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FreeRadicalRadio

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