106: A Young Person’s Guide To Politics (Appendix A) – Ron Paul, The Final Fantasy


Over two years ago, we discussed the futility and the dangers associated with believing in the possibility government solutions to government problems. Today, there are two growing movements that may lure young people into the cage match of political participation.

Critical Thinking Question: How are we going to get all of the corruption, and abuse, and predation out of our government? Followed by some other questions that make equally as much sense (none).

Topic: Stephanie Murphy and George Mandrik join me to discuss their experiences and lessons learned from the 2008 Ron Paul Presidential Campaign. We also ruminate on what motivates people to participate in politics in the first place.

Bumper Music:
"Angry Young Man" Billy Joel

Look Closer;

"Democracy--the god that failed: the economics and politics of monarchy" By Hans-Hermann Hoppe

The Myth of Democratic Peace: Why Democracy Cannot Deliver Peace in the 21st Century by James Ostrowski
Death by government By R. Rummel

Freedomain Radio-True News 5: The Truth About Voting

Democracy Is Not Freedom by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

FDR1980 Walter Block vs Stefan Molyneux vs Ron Paul!

FDR 972 The Ron Paul Revolution - A Postmortem (and prescription)

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