098: Porcfest Education Forum


PICTURED (L to R): Brett Veinotte, Bob Murphy, Kelly Halldorson, Jenn Hewson, Eileen Landies

From porcfest.com:
This forum brings together Porcupines in the know about many areas of NH education. This will be an open discussion on educating your children in the free state. If you are concerned about state regulations, finding homeschool or unschool groups, or getting to know the individuals who are fighting for parental rights, this is the one-stop-shop for addressing your concerns. Educational freedom activists, homeschoolers, and unschoolers will answer questions and discuss various aspects of education in NH.

Organized by Sharon Osborne

Look Closer:

Bob Murphy: Lew Rockwell Archives

Kelly Halldorson's Blog




NH Homeschooling Coalition

Relaxed Homeschoolers of NH

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