087 (Keys Installment #5): Unplugging and Activating – A Show For Parents


Imagine a door to complete freedom, abounding opportunity and greater personal satisfaction... Public education is the lock. This is the fifth in a series of non-sequential shows about finding keys.

Laurette Lynn of Unpluuggedmom.com joins me to discuss the challenges of home education and active parenting...and how to overcome them.

by Laurette Lynn

I am an Unplugged Mom. I endorse an audaciously “Unplugged” family lifestyle through speaking, writing, blogging and on my radio show, Unplugged Mom Radio Show©.

While my general focus is on embracing informal life-learning home education, the essence of what the message actually is, is more than that. It is an entire lifestyle.

When we unplug from the passive parenting style that our culture has become accustomed to, and take a more active approach that challenges the status quo - it dramatically changes the family dynamic in extraordinarily positive ways!

What does this mean? Well, it means accepting the role and challenge of parenthood as our primary focus. It often means unplugging from mainstream conventional practices and having the audacity to step outside the box and make conscious informed decisions. This includes academics but certainly reaches far beyond the books as well.
In most cases, the unplugged parent is indeed a home educator. They choose this endeavor because they recognize that the root cause of most of the dysfunction and break down of family values in our compulsory culture lies in the way we are systematically schooled. Frankly stated – our humanity, our intellect and our creativity is schooled out of us.

The Unplugged parent is an informed decision maker. She (he) enjoys her family and is happily committed to her role and responsibility as a parent. The Unplugged family is not a typical family and they usually stand apart; often demonstrating a rebellious streak. The Unplugged parent is radical and serious about parenting. They are researchers. They are open-minded and curious. They are strong and determined.

Very often the Unplugged family embraces holistic practices and appreciates organic family growth and development. They come from all different cultures, ethnicity, personalities and backgrounds but share a very strong common similarity: they are UNPLUGGED from the proverbial 'matrix' of mainstream status quo and compulsory behavior.

Being a parent is an important job! In fact, it is truly THE most crucial job you have from the moment you become a parent! Your position as a parent plays a huge role in determining the quality and richness of your child's life experience.

Like any other important task, it is up to us to learn, grow, evolve and continually seek out better and more constructive ways of helping our children thrive.

It is my hope that more parents consider unplugging from our pop-culture world and take a more active role in their children’s lives. Parenting seems to have become passé nowadays and it saddens me. We can’t ignore the obvious problems infecting our current state of affairs in the world.

It’s no secret that the educational system is failing and so has the importance of family values and interpersonal relationships. And what are the results? Our political and economical climate is a disaster, causing the global social climate to suffer. The physical and emotional condition of the average American is seriously unhealthy.

Humanity is in desperate need of natural beauty and spiritual grace.

The good news is that more and more parents are beginning to alter their perspective as they look around at today’s modern society and all the problems plaguing us – problems that likely could have been avoided had we not forgotten the crucial importance of a healthy family bond over the last several decades.

More and more families are unplugging, and while it does take time, it reminds me that there is indeed hope. There is hope for our children, our future and our human evolution.

Parents… I urge you to Unplug. Unplug and connect with your children.

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