072: Children of the State (Part 2) – The Treatment Trough


A look at my own professional past, and at what happens on the other side of the gun.(Part 2)

Discussed Today:
-I gave kids drugs
-I was a 'good' employee
-I worked at a 'good' residential treatment center
-The lure of bad money
-Good Intentions, in service of evil
-The Milgrim Experiment
-Voices of the institutionalized children

Bumper Music:
"Disappear" INXS

Look Closer:

GAO report: Millions in fraud, drug abuse clogs Medicaid

Massive Medicaid Fraud Exposed in Psychiatric Drugging of Kids in US

The Milgram Experiment, by Jeff Riggenbach

Psychiatry Drugs Foster Care Children - Montage

Daniel Lakemacher's site:

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