068: A History Teacher Walks Away From Government School (2 of 2)



PART 2: Is Anyone Learning About Economics In School? Anyone?

Today I discuss collective and authoritarian schooling with a veteran teacher who walked away from the public school setting just four weeks into his new job. Rich Nastro explains why he did this, and what he saw while he was there.

We'll Discuss...

-The lies of government school history (every crisis is presented as a problem of too much freedom)
-Family to schooling to Citizenship
-The success of Government school (in service to evil)
-Propaganda: Mixing the good with the evil
-If force comes first, it doesn't matter what happens next
-Erica Goldson
-The National Debt: it's for the children...to pay
-Central planning of the economy, the coming collapse and the economic aftermath
-The road to serfdom, governments make dependents

Look Closer:
Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis (Documentary)

Peter Schiff: Why the Meltdown Should Have Surprised No One

Peter Schiff: U.S. Is in a Depression

Meltdown, by Tom woods

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