062: Children of the State (Part 1) – Incentives


No one could answer all of the questions about how child protection would work in a voluntary society. However, due to my past professional experience, I can answer a lot of questions about how it works today.

A recent CPS story in Concord, NH got me thinking about my own professional history, on the "other side of the gun." I spent four years of my career working with kids who were in state custody. (Part 1)

Discussed Today:
-The John Irish/Oathkeepers Story
-Child Protection In A Voluntary Society Questions
-My Path to Working With Young People
-Residential Treatment
-Welfare Incentives
-The Horrors of CPS Politics
-Foster Care

Bumper Music:
"Thru and Thru" The Rolling Stones

Look Closer:
For A New Liberty, by Murray Rothbard (Welfare and the Welfare State)

Legally Kidnapped: How much are your kids worth?

Baby Cheyenne Story Part 1

Baby Cheyenne Story Part 2

Ridley Report: "Oath Keeper Baby" granddad backs CPS (DCYF)

Kentucky CPS crimes against children

Child Protective Services: CPS & Police Abuse Constitution, Invading Homes, Kidnapping Children, Ignoring

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