057 Relationships: Conformity and Convenience


(Kids Are Not Defective Part 9)

I meet up with Stephanie Murphy and Mike Barskey, the hosts of Porc Therapy Podcast, to discuss common types of dysfunction in adult relationships.

We examine the question:
Are there embedded lessons or messages from school and childhood that most people can't seem to escape in their adolescent and adult romantic relationships?

The Lessons From School:
1. People can be easily changed
2. It's dangerous/abnormal/inconsiderate to express your emotions
3. Pay attention to words, ignore deeds

We cover the all-too-common phenomenon of 'settling,' due to a lack of self-knowledge and low self-esteem.

I also discuss my experience with the "Skinner Box" of relationships.
If I do this, I will get this.

Bumper Music:
"He Wasn't There" Lilly Allen
"It Takes Two" Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock

Look Closer:

PORC THERAPY: Relationship Talk From A Liberty Perspective


Real Time Relationships by Stefan Molyneux


Annie Hall (Film)

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