055: A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…and Today


(Kids Are Not Defective Part 8)

Stefan Molyneux of
Freedomain Radio
joins me to discuss the seemingly elusive nature of heroism.

Our discussion surveys a variety of historical topics as we examine how heroes are manufactured by our government education, while our own capacity for "heroism" is gradually diminished. We also explore the conjecture that government school's theft of our sense of personal power contributes to a desire to experience heroism only through fantasy.

Then, "heroism" gets a long overdue redefining.

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Look Closer:

Heroism Part 1 - from Freedomain Radio

Heroism Part 2 - from Freedomain Radio

BOOK: Lies my teacher told me: everything your American history textbook got wrong, By James W. Loewen

School Sucks Podcast 027 - Let's Make A Hero! (Abraham Lincoln)

School Sucks Podcast 028 - Let's Make A Hero! (FDR)

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