045: Curiosity Kills Christianity (And Vice-Versa)


(Kids Are Not Defective Part 3)

PICTURE: What kind of a person commands others to kneel in front of them?

Ahhh, religion. Another great way to learn about all the things that are wrong with you.

I receive an email from a Conservative Christian organization that sends me into an explosive rant and an examination of the amazing contradictions and inconsistencies in American Culture. Could culture even exist if people applied principles consistently?

I also look back at my own Roman Catholic upbringing, specifically at an interaction with a nun resulting from my curiosity over the chronology of the life of Jesus. Then I imagine the same interaction with a more precocious and enlightened child.

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  1. Thank you Brett!! This is great to hear.

    There are two points I wanted to add here, we are conditioned to become soldiers and secondly we all need community.

    I totally get Brett’s argument that anyone going to play part in a war is a psychopath. I’m not here to defend soldiers either but what I wanted to point out is that many of the individuals who end up in the wars realize later on that they don’t want to be there, just look at the suicide rate. It’s like they were in a hypnotic state and things made sense to them when they signed up, then one day they wake up and “bang” they realize how they been screwed. Actually I find the worst are those who are involved in the military someway or another but have never really participated in an active war role, they seem to be patriotic and nationalistic in support on the military and they seemed still to be in this hypnotic state and for sum reason are not willing to acknowledge that they are consenting to killing other humans. The major contribution to the military industrial complex is economics, once the introduction of Glass-Steagal is introduced into Wall Street the whole thing will collapse, including the military.

    The church is a perfect environment that harvests community out of the weak and lonely. As humans we all need community, the current education and social system ensures the breakdown of family and community, people are then left to gravitate towards institutions like churches, special when they have kids. I know the church is insane, I know that there are thousands of reasons for us not to attend church but it’s not just going to go away. I suggest that we get involved to respectfully challenge the congregation, maybe not to “unconvert” them but rather to de-naturalize them from propagating their delusional perspectives. I do attend a church close to were I live and have asked some “controversial” questions like why do christians people say Amen, the minister could not give me a straight answer, oh sorry the reply was “I don’t know why we say Amen, why don’t you tell me?” very smart for a reply at least they admit they don’t know. But really the church is on the edge of collapse, as much as I would like to enjoy the moment that they all go into total destruction I think it’s part of my moral stance that I try and be there to tell them why they have collapsed and give them the opportunity to access the truth. We even have an atheist that joins the congregation, never heard of before. The church is not what is once was, it’s just a group of people that come together under the umbrella of community and tolerance, that use the bible as a topic of discussion piece.

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