043: Kids Are Not Defective (Introduction)


PICTURED: A listener sent me this example of his son's (first grade) school work, which includes the teacher's thoughts on his exercise of creativity.

The introduction to a new series of shows about some other messages forced into the minds of children and young adults. These shows will include topics like medication, parenting, spanking, behavioral "disorders," bullying, "reward" systems and zero tolerance policies.

Today, and hopefully someday this will not be the case, childhood and adolescence are not about a process of discovery that eventually leads to the embrace of ideas and beliefs that are chosen by you. Instead, childhood and adolescence are all about a process of training that eventually leads to the acceptance of ideas and beliefs that are inflicted upon you.

Also, a discussion of how the state is "fed" by the schools and the family.

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"In the Waiting Line" by Zero 7

Look Closer:
Frontline -The Medicated Child

ABC News: Zero Tolerance School Discipline Policies

What’s the Matter with Kids Today? By Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D.


Wes Bertrand's Website: logicallearning.net

Freedomain Radio 211: Childhood Prisons

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  1. The mind molestation that goes on with families and new parents is a great focal point in identifying how the state abuses those whom give up on there own creativity. This is not just about the children being treated like little experiments but also how far parents are willing to be manipulated. As a child I went through a similar experience, actually it starts at birth. The practices at birth can also be considered barbaric, maybe it lacks of knowledge, maybe it is unconscious but what it ends up being is just barbaric. We are out of the 80’s now and some of us who were born out that period seems to be more sceptical about the system, we not running to the doctor anymore, we doing our own research, having our own perspectives developed.

    I tend to find the other extremes of anti state hippies, where all advancements in technology are seen apone to be evil, go figure. The state has played with the phycology of the masses pushing them into one or another. The real risk we have is being lazy and unproductive as people seeking the status que in our decisions, instead of placing the decision based on ones own research and rhetoric.

    There is nothing more the state wants than to have than a bunch of mentally retarded slaves working for it, and they start at birth with that agenda.

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