041: The Natural State? (American History F-ed, Conclusion)


(American History F-ed, Conclusion) The eighth (and final) installment in a series of shows about government school's history curriculum. We'll explore the lies, myths, omissions and distortions used to indoctrinate blind patriotism (aka nationalism aka mysticism).

Critical Thinking Question:
Imagine if we all woke up tomorrow and all government was just...gone. What's the worst thing that could happen? And how would statists feel about this most catastrophic outcome?

The answer might surprise you.

The three most persistent myths throughout history:
1. The State is essential for the survival of the human race
2. Slavery is essential for the prosperity of all societies reliant upon agriculture
3. God and religion are essential for establishing morality

Two down, one to go.

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"Gimme Shelter" The Rolling Stones
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    Sometime it’s just better to listen. Brett strings together several topics and lays it down for us to get the message here. I started with a comment essay and found myself going into the topics on a deep level, not realizing that the great thing on this specific podcast is that we are hearing a class lesson that should be taught in class, telling it just the way it is. So I decided to refrain from breaking it apart into smaller arguments and just enjoy the message Brett puts forward. There is a lot to take in and taking notes of your thoughts might be a benefit to making new discoveries from this pod cast. Sometime you just need to shut up and let the man speak.

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